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Scuba Diving in Crete and Chania

Enjoy your Diving and Snorkelling in Chania and Crete .

Everybody thinks that Scuba Diving is only for the tropical places of the East or the Caribbean. But anybody that dives in Greece and in the island of Crete surprised.

Can be not so many fishes but is not only that on Scuba Dive Crete. The scenery of the blue Crystal Water of the Aegean sea makes everybody to love our water. The Visibility is between 20 to 30 meters.
In Crete you can find many virgin places as until now in the most of them was not aloud the Scuba Diving. You can dive as a professional or an amateur in Reefs, Canyons, Caves like the Elephant Cave in Chania Diving or another cave, you can explore Ascent Shipwrecks, you can Dive for Photography, learning about the fishes and the Marine Biology, you can do a night Dive etc.

Our Local diving Centre in Chania with twenty years of experience provides you with all the equipment for even snorkeling or Scuba Diving Chania. They pick you up from your Resort Hotel and bring you in Kolimbari for a brief speech for Health and Safety and then with their own boat you are going for Diving or Snorkelling.
You can get lessons for CMAS, PADI and SSI , in almost all the major languages.

Also almost every Saturday from the beginning of May until the end of October, the staff of the Diving Center comes to Mike Hotel and Apartment in Maleme for a free trial of Scuba Diving in the pool. Just try as it's free and if you feel confident you can go for a unique Diving in the Island of Crete.

The most Popular Dives in Chania are the Elephant Cave Dive , Wreck Diving , Wall Diving , Seal Cave  and Night Diving .

Prices start from only 35 euros (per adult) and 25 euros (per child) for snorkeling (with all the necessary equipment) and from 80 euros for Scuba Diving (full equipment).

For more details of the Scuba Diving in Chania, come in touch with us in Maleme or send us an e-mail at: info@hotel-mike.com



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Scuba Diving in Chania on the Island of Crete


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