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Sustainabillity and Environment

Committing to Sustainability 

Here at Mike‘s Hotel and Apartments we are committed to the Implementation of Measures to help protect and Sustain the Environment of our Planet for a Better Future. Just with our well-trained Staff, we try to develop initiatives for the Reduction of the Negative Consequences of our Operate and we are Continuously improving our positive Contribution to our Local Area.

We also encourage our customers to explore the beauty of our area on foot or by bicycle and to taste the local products.

By working with our Staff and our Guests,  we can contribute to a Cleaner and Safer Environment and ensure Environmental issues remain a focal point and receive due attention. In delivering our Commitment we will comply with relevant Environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.


We continually strive to improve our Environmental practices in a range of areas:

Eco Friendly Hotels Crete Chania


Eco Friendly Hotels Maleme


housekeeping Eco Friendly Hotels Crete Chania



Staff Training  Friendly Hotels Crete Chania

Training - Staff 

Recycly Reuse Crete Chania

Recycle - Reuse 


Our own Organic Farms 

Organic Farms for Mike Restaurant and Hotel guests


Organic Farms Restaurants Maleme


Maleme Green Hotel organic Vegatables


We Suggest our Guests 


We call all Partners, Suppliers, Staff, as well as Recipients of the hotel services, and every interested party, to support its effort and contribute accordingly to the Protection of the Environment and the achievement of the goals of our Environmental Policy.


We care about the Protection of the Sea Turtles and we Support them.

In our area Maleme and the Gulf of Chania we have the Careta Careta .

Usually, the turtles make up to 4 nests and spawn up to 120 eggs. The eggs hatch after 6 to 9 weeks.  The Newborn turtles start their climbing to the surface which can last up to 4 days. When they reach the surface they wait until night when the sand is cooler and then they run towards the sea guided by the starlights.


What you should do when you are at the beach!

If you want you can make a donation to help the hard work of them

DONATIONS for the Sea Turtle 

Adopt Sea Turtle Crete Greece Maleme

Small and large Donations can help the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre and nesting beaches. You can Simple  Adopt a hatchling mother loggerhead, an incubating nest, or an injured sea turtle under rehabilitation and become a supporter of ARCHELON. Make a Donation on the following Link:   Donate or Adopt a Turtle

By the Beach of Mike Hotel and Apartments 

Sea Turtle Maleme Careta


We Support and we give Donations to KIFAAMEA

Kifaamea is Daycare Center for highly autistic and disabled children in Greece.

We support them and we give them donations. In 2018 with the Crete Veterans of the Battle of Crete we gave them 18000 Pounds - about 22000 euros - to help them to buy a New School Bus. In 2023 we gave them with a Help of a Guest Mr. Sandlin 1000 Pounds.  To Support them, also every Year we organize Charity Raffle with the Crete - UK Veterans Society.

Raffle Charity Maleme Chania


We only Donating Localy  in  Chania Area 


Make a Donation Crete


We help also the Daycare Center Kifamea with our guests to buy the Bus for them transfers. The photo below is outside of Mikes Hotel .


Kifamea Bus at Mike Hotel


In September 2023 we helped to Repair and Maintenance the Church Bell Tower of our local Church of Saint Antonios in our Village of Maleme . 


Maleme Chrch Repair Tower Bell


You can simply make also a Donation by contacting us . 


Explore our Local Area Crete Chania


Explore Our Local area  

We are here to give our Guests suggestions to explore our local area. Visit our section Places to Visit Crete 


Our Targets for the Future and 2024 : 

Eco Friendly Recycle Crete


Our Promise for the Future 

We are committed to implementing change that will actively manage our Environmental Footprint and take every year more action to minimize even more Energy Consumption, Water Consumption, and Reduce Waste landfills. 


Let’s all be Together to Save our Earth

We should take Steps every Day to save our Planet 


We were Awarded in 2023 with the  Green Key demonstrates the establishments’ efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible business.

Award Mike Hotel Apartments Green Key 2024
Award Mike Hotel Apartments Green Key 2025


Our Certificates for 2023 for our Recycle. 


Recycle Glass Maleme Mike Hotel
Recycle Plastic Maleme Mike Hotel
Recycle iron Maleme Mike Hotel


Green Hotel Chania
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